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Formerly a private preserve, the first accommodations at Brentwood consisted of a 2 bedroom, 1 bath main house built in 1995 overlooking 55 acre, Sim’s Pond. At the time, Woodie and his brother Toby operated a sawmill and had access to a variety of different types of wood. Built primarily of Cypress there were several other types of wood used to finish the interior. On your next visit to Brentwood, see how many different woods you can identify.

Since then, a 1840's log cabin was restored and attached to the main cabin with a covered porch. In 2015 a large extension was added which is pictured in the photo to the right which features an enlarged kitchen, king bedroom and bathroom, and large main living area featuring plate glass windows surrounding a huge indoor fireplace overlooking the beautiful Cypress’s of Sim’s Pond.




  • 13 Bedrooms

  • 3 Fireplaces

  • Covered Patio with Fireplace 

  • Horse Barn Suites

  • Pond Overlook

  • Sleeps up to 20

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