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Brentwood Plantation opened its doors to the public in the fall of 2005.  Formally a private plantation, it has continued to be family owned and operated shooting preserve.   While we have grown, Brentwood maintains its “one group at a time”  policy.  Whether you have two in your group or ten, you will be the only group at the lodge.  Focus on you and your group is never more apparent than when you meet our staff.  They fully expect each hunt to be your best quail hunting experience.

Land and wildlife management are also a major focus at Brentwood.  Diversity of habitat is immediately apparent on your drive in.  From rolling long leaf pine forests to open grass fields, bob white quail are abundant in all settings.  Pointers, setters, and English cockers are the dogs of choice and almost all are in-house trained.  Most of our guides also scout on horseback and we encourage anyone to ride alongside.  For those who aren’t horse enthusiasts, we have custom made bird buggies that sit up high which allows you watch each bird dog run.  

After the hunt, enjoy a mostly Southern menu.  From fried pork chops at lunch to steak at night, we can individually tailor to specific requests.  We also have a full bar that is available each evening.  We can’t wait for you to join us.

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